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Staff 2019-2020

Newspaper Club

Srijani C.

8th Grade

Srijani is thrilled to work with an amazing group of students in the newspaper this school year. Outside of The Roaring Gazette, she can be found drawing, dancing, or binge-watching shows on Netflix.

Two Pens on Notebook_edited.jpg

Raha M.

8th Grade

Raha is so excited to work at the Roaring Gazette for the first time this year! She's proud to say that she is going to be both an editor and a writer. Besides journalism, she likes to do calligraphy and watch Food Network shows.

Calligraphy pen

Shoshana P.

8th Grade

Shoshana is excited to be a part of the school newspaper this year. An eighth grader who loves to write (mainly to argue her point), she also enjoys swimming, reading, and baking. She hopes to become interested in new kinds of writing and make the Roaring Gazette as interesting as possible!

Open Book

Ari F.

7th Grade

Ari is a seventh-grader here at JW. Ari loves to write articles about sports, news, and pop culture. During his free time, you can find Ari playing basketball, soccer, video games or reading.


Ema D.

7th Grade

Ema is a seventh grader at JWMS. It is her second year in Newspaper Club and she has “fallen in love with the world of writing articles and sharing information.” She is an athlete and a bookworm, she plays on a club volleyball team and her favorite book is Little Women. She is thrilled to be a part of Newspaper Club this year!


Makayla S.

7th Grade

Makayla was really excited to join The Roaring Gazette! In her free time, she loves to read, sing, and do arts. She loves writing stories and interviewing others.


Aditi B.

6th Grade

Aditi is ecstatic to be in this year’s Newspaper Club! She loves writing and being a leader, which is why she was in the Newspaper Club and a Student Ambassador at her old school. She currently takes part in TV crew and Drama Club as well. She loves her family, friends, unicorns, music and the Philadelphia Eagles! When she has free time, you will usually find her video-gaming, sketching in her notebook, studying, reading a good book, singing, or spending time with others!

Notebook and Pen

Layla A.

6th Grade

Layla is excited to join a new club. When she heard that there was room for people in Newspaper Club, she thought that it was the perfect fit for her. Layla enjoys coming to school every day. In her free time, Layla enjoys writing poems, writing in her diary, drawing, sleeping, listening to music, playing on her phone, spending time with her friends and family, and last but certainly not least, doing her homework!

Cute Notebooks

Bethel K.

6th Grade

Bethel loves to draw. Her favorite thing to do is sing. She spends most of her time reading, and she is more than happy to be a member of the Julius West Middle School Newspaper Club.

Retro Microphone

Ella M.

6th Grade

Ella Meyer is a 6th grader who loves to read and try new things. She is really excited to join the Roaring Gazette. You can find her reading or watching old movies.

ella pic.JPG

Petra P.

6th Grade

Petra is a 6th grader at JWMS who is thrilled to be a part of the school newspaper. She loves to sing during her free time and is a part of a band with her friends. She also loves to read and write, but loves her dog Caesar even more. You can find her singing with her friends, reading, biking or teaching her dog some neat tricks.

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