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5 Dos and Don'ts to Improve Your Grades by Daniel K.

Have you ever been stressed that you are not getting good grades in school and you want to improve? Well, in this article, you will find some interesting advice on how to improve those grades to reach an A.

#1: Listening in class

Some students that listen in class can get their grades up, and it is probably best to listen to your teacher as well, so that way you can know what you are doing.

#2: Taking notes

To get your grades to a higher level, you can take notes during class so you can remember what you will be doing later on for quizzes and upcoming assignments.

#3: Participating in class

You can participate in your classes, so you can have a better understanding of what you're going to do for upcoming assignments or so you can answer what the question is when you're called on in class.

#4: Things that help you stay focused

If you're stressed out about something you forgot and worried that you might get a bad grade, try to find something for you that will help relieve stress and help you remember what you were going to do.

#5: Ask a friend for help

You can always ask a friend or family member to help you improve your grades, not to give you the answers to the questions (which would be considered cheating) but to give you advice on how to answer those questions.

5 Things You Should NOT do to Improve

#1: Writing on hand or arm

Now, I know this is an old trick you can do to improve your grades and to cheat on a test, but this is one of the worst ways to improve because it’s cheating and you probably did this when you didn’t study.

#2: Hacking or fixing

You probably never heard this term before, but many students do this to improve grades so their parents don’t get mad at them. This is actually quite possible because you can hack into a grading system and change it or the other way which never works is to fix the letter on the paper.

#3: “The water bottle”

The water bottle trick is where someone writes down on the wrapper part of the bottle and puts it back on which is probably the oldest thing in the book to do. This is not really a good way to make your grades rise, so I recommend you just study instead of doing silly things.

#4: Asking your friend

I told you the good way to do this and if you have read till this point I might as well tell you the bad way. You can ask a friend for the answers, which people normally do to cheat, so again please don’t do this for your grades just do something else.

#5: Waiting till the last minute

When teachers tell you that you have an important homework assignment you have to do or in class, DO NOT wait until the last minute to do the assignment. If you did this, you probably forgot you had to do it. I suggest finishing the task on time, so your teacher doesn’t mark it as a Z (missing).

I hope you remembered these 5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts so you can improve your grades since cheating on assignments is wrong. If you cheat, you won’t be able to understand or learn future assignments and life will get harder on you. If you have cheated and feel bad that you did it, try to be honest and that can help fix the problem.

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