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Pizza and Burger DebateBy: Vicktoria R. and Valentina M. -------------------------------------

As we were sitting down to decide what we were going to have for dinner, we were expecting a nice and delicious meal. Then came the conflict, which one: pizza or burgers?

Pizza is Italian and has a very crusty crust which gives it the special touch.

On the other hand, burgers are an American fast food.

The authors of this article feel differently about this debate.

“Pizza is always there when you’re sad and happy, Burgers are not. Pizza is cheesy and you can add all types of toppings and different types of cheese, get creative with it. And to top everything off, pizza is the best choice.”

-Vicktoria R.

A burger is a very classic and famous fast food item and obviously the first option that comes to mind when your parents say, “We're going to get food from a drive through, what do you want?”

And you say, “Can I have a burger with ketchup, mustard, and pickles?” or you could have no pickles whatever topping you want with your big, juicy burger. With all this said burgers are the best option.

-Valentina M.

So to wrap it up, pizza and burgers are both really great: just choose one of the options.

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