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8 Crafty Holiday Gift Ideas by Nuala G.

Gifts are fun to give, but there’s something extra-special about giving something that was made by you. Making your own gift may sound intimidating, but the truth is you don’t have to be an amazing artist to craft something stylish or useful. Here are some fascinating projects that will be fun to make and appreciated by anyone who receives them.

A knitted scarf is a wonderful gift but takes a lot of time. Here’s a pom-pom scarf that’s quicker to make, but still beautiful.

Christmas cookies in a jar are perfect to gift to friends because they still get the experience of baking, and then they get a yummy treat to eat.

Do you know anyone who likes to take pictures? If so, this is the perfect gift for them.

It’s getting cold, and we need something to stay warm. Hand warmers are a thoughtful and enjoyable gift to make for someone.

These resin keychains are impressive and easy to make in large quantities.

These are great stocking stuffers for a family member. Kids LOVE hot chocolate, so if you have a sibling, make sure to give them one!

In my opinion, this is the perfect gift for family members that you are visiting. Every time they look at that ornament, they will be reminded of you!

For those who are up for a challenge and are looking to make a unique gift to make, this game would be an impressive gift. If you run out of ideas for people, you could include their favorite TV characters, celebrities, or even famous people from history.

I hope you liked these holiday gift ideas! Make sure to personalize them in any way you want to make them unique for your friend or family member.

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