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Celebrating Thanksgiving in Different Ways by Daniel K.

You might know Thanksgiving as celebrating by eating a feast or visiting friends and family, but there’s another meaning to it. Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for people, being grateful for what you have, and being kind to others.

Usually, people stay home with their family or travel elsewhere so they can meet friends and family to celebrate Thanksgiving. Sometimes people even travel to different countries to celebrate Thanksgiving with their loved ones.

An English tutor who lives in Rockville, Maryland, said, “We don’t have turkey or those very fancy foods for Thanksgiving. We have this tradition called a potluck where we bring our own dish or bowl to bring to Thanksgiving and see what other people brought.”

Matan R., a 7th grader at Julius West Middle School, said, “I spent time with my family and friends. It was a lot of fun spending time with them during the break.”

Josie W., a 7th grader from Julius West MS, expressed excitedly, “I went to my uncle's house. We also had a get-together and had a bonfire. It was nice to see all my family again after a while.”

People celebrate Thanksgiving in a variety of ways, such as playing board games, watching movies, talking to each other, and just having fun eating and spending time with family and friends.

Learning how others celebrate the holiday or where they travel to see friends and family to celebrate is an interesting experience. Remember to be kind to others and be grateful for what you have. You can be thankful all year round!

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