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Chat GPT: Helpful or Harmful? And Implications on the Future of AI by Raymond W.

Many people have heard of the new Chat GPT, but is it useful? Has Artificial Intelligence (AI) advanced to the point where it is a reliable tool, or is it still unintelligent and invasive? Does Chat GPT help you, or does it cause more problems than it solves? There is some concern that Chat GPT may even have implicit bias!

For the people who don't know, Chat GPT is an AI chatbot that can give information and do what you tell it to. You can also talk to it and have (somewhat) normal conversations. The controversy is in the fact that Chat GPT can be used for malicious purposes, or the program can sometimes be extremely invasive and perverted.

The reasons for Chat GPT include many things, such as the fact that Chat GPT is a new revolution in AI technology and is a huge step forward towards a new future. Another benefit of Chat GPT is that it can help with writing essays on certain topics; however, this can cause its own problems, such as cheating and plagiarism. Chat GPT can also give you information that is hard to find on a search engine and write a short informational piece on it.

Now, it's time to talk about the negatives, and there are a LOT of them. The first one that is pretty obvious is that the information Chat GPT gives comes from the internet, and the internet isn't always accurate, so it may give outdated or inaccurate information. Before the next issue with Chat GPT is discussed, it should be pointed out that the internet gets information from humans, and unfortunately humans are…flawed, to say the least. So, sometimes Chat GPT acts in questionable ways, such as producing results that are racist and sexist. An example of this is shown when Chat GPT was still allowed to write code. It was asked by Steven t. Piantadosi on Twitter to create code for whether or not to hire someone based on their gender and race, and it gave the following:

Def is_good_scientist(race, gender):

If race==”white” and gender==”male”

Return True


Return False

Although Chat GPT is supposed to block offensive content, people will always find loopholes. This is extremely troubling as more and more companies are embracing AI. This may become a problem as unscrupulous, cost-cutting companies do not seriously bother trying to eliminate bias from their AI’s.

Next problem, Chat GPT can amplify an already existing issue, cheating, or if you’re a fancy-pants, academic dishonesty. This is already an issue that has been and still is a back and forth arms race between students and teachers. Nowadays, students can use Chat GPT to write essays on information you enter. This has resulted in some people deciding to use it to cheat on essays. This is a big problem, as academic dishonesty can lead to students getting grades that they didn't earn, and it is also very unfair to the people who put in the work.

Essentially, Chat GPT is a great step forward in AI technology, but it certainly needs some refining and changes to fix some glaring issues, such as bias and having a bad memory. Until it is refined more, you should not use it for any serious purposes, such as essays and fact checking.

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