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Useful Chromebook Hacks for Students by Shayan K.

With school Chromebooks being used a lot nowadays, most people need to know some of these useful shortcuts, which could help them in school, homework, and even in everyday life. So here are some useful Chromebook hacks:

Ctrl + F

A lot of students and teachers know this trick, but if you don´t, this search tool could really save time when you are researching something from a site. Instead of having to read the entire writing, just press Ctrl + F, then type what word you are looking for in the passage you are reading, and it will show you where you can find that word! For example, let’s say that I am researching llamas, and I want to find their height. I will press Ctrl + F on the website, and type: “Height." This could take me to the section where the llamas height is. It is a simple thing that every student needs to know!

Battery Saving

A lot of people have this issue: their Chromebook runs out of battery, and in a lot of cases, there is no charger to use. Luckily, there are a few ways to save your battery, and it could come in handy. A simple way is to lower the brightness on your Chromebook by going to the bottom right corner of your computer and clicking the icon where the time is. Here, you can change the brightness. Also, make sure you lock your screen when you are not using it. Some other ways to preserve battery life could be to close unneeded web pages and turning off bluetooth.

Efficient Typing

Sometimes you have to write everything down on paper just to realize that you have to copy it down on the computer. Moving your head to the paper and back to the computer can be tiring and take a long time. An easy way to fix this is to put your paper in front of the computer screen. You do not need to move your head at all. In the end, you can fix your mistakes.

General Keyboard Shortcuts

Since there is no Caps Lock on a Chromebook, a simple way to turn Caps Lock on is Search + Alt. If you want to turn Caps Lock off, press the same buttons again.

Ctrl + T to open a new tab. Ctrl + W to close the existing tab.

Ctrl + R to refresh.

Ctrl + tab to go to the next tab

Ctrl + shift + tab to go to the previous tab.

Ctrl + N to open a window

Hopefully, you can apply these tricks in your everyday life. These skills can help you all throughout high school, college, and maybe when you get a job.

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