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Looking Forward to Spring by Megan T.

It is finally spring, the time of year many people have all been waiting for. The cold, icy weather has finally gone, but what is there to look forward to? Even with all of the warm weather coming up, what activities can you actually do?

One of the nicest seasons of all, spring has the warmest weather, but sometimes that warmth turns to gloominess with all of the rainstorms. Gradually, the flowers will start to sprout, trees get their leaves back, and more birds will start chirping. Even better, the cherry blossoms will start to come out. Over the years, the popularity of seeing the cherry blossoms in peak bloom started to grow massively. They have attracted numerous tourists and many people enjoy the beauty of them. In fact, not too far away, there are many cherry blossoms growing in D.C, where there are large crowds that attend the annual Cherry Blossom Festival.

Additionally, due to the comforting weather, you can spend more time outside, doing outdoor activities. It has been determined that the spread of COVID is far less likely to spread outdoors compared to indoors. Therefore, it is not only more fun to be outdoors, but it is also safer. Gradually but cautiously, more sports seasons have begun, and farmers markets, festivals, fairs, and carnivals have started to open up. Furthermore, people tend to garden more, go out on picnics, and pick fruit.

Besides having fresh air, you also have holidays and days off. The most popular ones are spring break and Easter. You can have a break from work and relax. While Easter is considered a religious holiday for some, many kids also do fun activities involving the Easter Bunny and egg hunts.

It is finally time to welcome spring with all of the nice weather. You must be warned and cautioned though. Enjoy the birds chirping now because they will soon be replaced with loud cicadas noises. It is the 17-year cicada brood. Every 17 years, there is a massive cicada brood, which sounds and looks unsettling!

“See you soon, cicadas.”

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