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March Madness Predictions by Ari F.

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

This year's college basketball season has had many upsets, surprising victories, and sudden dropouts. As the end of this thrilling college basketball season is coming to an end, many teams are sitting at the edges of their seats, waiting to see if their team will be called on a Sunday like no other (besides the Super Bowl): Selection Sunday. On March 15, the bracket wars begin.

With a couple weeks until March Madness begins, the mock seedings have been constantly changing. With Baylor at number one for so long, last week Kansas became ranked number 1 unanimously, with Gonzaga, Dayton, Baylor and San Diego State rounding out the top 5. Many mock predictions have Kansas, Gonzaga, San Diego State, and Baylor as the number 1 seeds. Kansas started off the season rough with non-conference losses to Duke and Villanova but then fired back with conference wins and a big victory against Baylor.

Then there is Baylor, an underrated team coming into this year, with one of the best defenses in the league, staying at the number 1 rank for multiple weeks before losing to Kansas. Then Gonzaga, who has the best offense in the NCAA, averaging almost 88 points a game. They have a strong defense and are dominant in their division. Finally, there is San Diego State, which was the last remaining undefeated team and has some strong assets in guard Malachi Flynn and forward Yanni Wetzell.

There is still time for changes and upsets to happen, and this year's March Madness might be one for the ages. But with no clear dominant team, who will be the king of the dance this year?

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