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Oldest Dog in the World Dies, by Elisa B.

Bodi, the world's oldest dog passed away in an animal hospital on October 29, 2023 at the age of 31 years. That's about 217 in dog years! You might ask, “How did the dog do it?”

Well, the owner, Leonel Costa, says that he believes that by keeping a calm environment around Bodi was the reason why he was able to reach such an extraordinary age. For example, he would let Bodi eat human food, walk without a leash, and take swims in the nearby ponds. Bodi spent most of his life in a small Portuguese village about 93 miles north of the capital Lisbon.

He lived about triple his life expectancy, passing a century old record held by Australian cattle-dog Bluey, who was a whopping 29 years and 5 months. Although Bodi has gained some popularity over the years he could have had a very different ending. When Bodi and his 3 siblings were born, Costas' father decided they already had too many animals, so he took the dogs to have them killed. A few days later, they found Bodi in a pile of logs and decided to keep him. Although he had a rough beginning, Bodi is one of the most famous dogs in the world. He had about 100 people attend his 31st birthday. So now that you know about this amazing dog, take some time to honor his story and appreciate his life. Rest in peace, Bodi.

Resources: BBC news, CNN news, NPR

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