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Our SGA Launches Spirit Week by Matthew J.

Spirit Week is next week! Time to show off your school spirit and have fun while doing it. Each day brings a new fun experience. Monday is Pajama Day, isn’t that convenient? Just roll out of bed, get on the bus, and get to school. No need to dress up and do all that work!

Tuesday is Jaguar Class Color Day. Wear your grade levels color. 6th graders should wear grey, 7th graders should wear blue, and 8th graders should wear black. Dress up in those colors and express your school spirit! Wednesdays are for wacky clothing. Wear polka-dots with stripes, neon cyan and neon pink, or plaid with tie dye. Thursday is Throwback Thursday. Come to school as George Washington, Micheal Jackson, or Amy Winehouse!

Dress up all formal for Fancy Friday, wear a suit, a dress, or whatever you’re comfortable in!

Who’s behind events like Spirit Week? Well, let me introduce you to the members of the Student Government Association (SGA), the people behind these wonderful school events. Let’s see why they ran for SGA positions, goals for the school year, and how they are going to achieve those goals!

Our first person to show off is our school president: Liam Reckluas.

“My name is Liam Recklaus. I decided to run for president because I wanted to make Julius West a more positive environment. I also wanted to prove to myself that I could win. A goal that I had in mind for this school year was to create more Covid-safe parties and events at the school to create an inclusive environment at JW. After a long year of virtual school, I figured that we needed more events to allow students to create bonds and friendships with other students,” said Liam in an interview.

Next is our beloved vice president, Aida Hodjatzadeh.

“My name is Aida Hodjatzadeh, and I’m in 8th grade. I decided to run for vice president because I was pushed and encouraged by others to voice my opinion and thoughts. Some goals I have this year are to carry out my ideas for my bathroom campaign. In order to do this, I will continue to write to the admin and gain student volunteers!” stated Aida in a recent interview.

Meet the school secretary: Manuella Glover.

“My name is Manuella Glover. I ran for SGA secretary because I wanted change for JW, and I knew that I had great abilities that would help create change and make improvements. One goal that I had for this school year was to get students more involved and actually start to care about school. One of the ways I was planning on doing so was by creating events that involved the students and staff here at JW,” said Manuella in a recent interview.

Needless to say, JW’s SGA is excited for this school year. As a part of the JW community, I think I can speak for the majority of us when I say we’re excited for these future events!

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