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Pets of the JW Community by Petra P.

During the pandemic, we haven’t been able to see each other face to face, nor have we been able to see each other’s pets! Every pet is special, and they deserve some recognition in the JW community! We’ve interviewed some of the pets virtually to learn about their personalities, likes, and dislikes. We are excited to share them with you!

Name: Cezar

Personality: Friendly, dependable, playful, occasional laziness, acts like he’s the king.

Likes: Being a king, attention, to be pet, sleeping under a tree, and being around people. Digging up the garden is his specialty.

Dislikes: Water hose, fireworks, leashes, cats, snow, and flies.

Name: Boo

Personality: Bossy, moody, social.

Likes: Attention, people, alone time, sleeping.

Dislikes: Water, cuddles.

Name: Luca

Personality: Sweet, social.

Likes: People, attention, sleeping.

Dislikes: Cuddles, water.

Name: Sam

Personality: Wild.

Likes: Wrecking the house, food, sleeping, meowing a lot.

Dislikes: Water, cuddles.

Name: Gigi

Personality: Shy.

Likes: Alone time, sleeping, cuddles.

Dislikes: Water.

Name: Fiamma

Personality: He’s usually not cuddly unless he’s sleepy. He’s also a walking meme and can get in trouble easily.

Likes: Food, hunting, and sleeping.

Dislikes: Strangers, new places, fireworks.

Name: Casper

Personality: Sweetheart.

Likes: Cuddles, his poofs, and people.

Dislikes: Being alone and being ignored.

Name: Clove

Personality: Clove is very shy around strangers, but is very social with his family.

Likes: He likes to be scratched under the neck and go outside. Clove likes to climb trees and be at a high vantage point in general. He is very agile and quick, so he knows how to navigate the outside world.

Dislikes: Cuddles.

Name: Pepper

Personality: He is very affectionate and almost always sleeps next to or on top of a human at night.

Likes: Pepper loves all humans and even will sit on ones he just met. He is sometimes a lap cat, but other times, he's a wild cat, trying to catch birds and rodents flying and crawling around outside. Pepper likes to sleep in tight spaces such as empty boxes or curled up in a warm blanket or cat bed. However, if he can't find a tight space, he will find a sunny spot on the ground.

Dislikes: Being alone and being squeezed.

Name: Mizza

Personality: Shy, loyal, sometimes cuddly with her owners.

Likes: Being alone, being outside, cuddling with her son Fiamma.

Dislikes: People, being picked up and held in arms, fireworks.

Name: Bhello

Personality: Crazy, cuddly, wild.

Likes: Grandma’s cooking, running around, playing with his friends Mizza and Fiamma, people.

Dislikes: Wood, fireworks.

Every one of these pets are unique and special, supporting JW students during the pandemic. If you have a pet or multiple pets, be sure to cherish and love them!

(And if you have a pet that you'd like to introduce to the JW community, send us a photo and a brief bio of your pet that you'd like us to share!)

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