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SGA’s Hopes and Plans for the School Year by Aurora R.

The Student Government Association (SGA) Elections presented a number of impressive candidates, making it a tough decision to know how to vote. Now that the Jaguars have voiced their opinions for our new president and vice president, the results are in! The JW SGA President and Vice President are Caroline K. and Jaymar E.

I interviewed both students about their hopes and plans for this school year.

1. Students at JW just voted for the SGA President and Vice President, but what are your roles?

The SGA acts as a link between the student body and both the administration and the rest of the county. My job as president will be to represent all of the students at Julius West when I speak with Principal Staton and when I meet with other members of SGA throughout the county. -Caroline K.

As Vice President, my role is to help and support the President, with achieving her goals and also achieving some of my own. Basically, Caroline [and I] work with each other to represent the student body, but Caroline is the face of the JW students. -Jaymar E.

2. What are SGA’s plans for the school year?

SGA wants to be more involved with the activities and opportunities all students have access to. Especially this year we are focused on creating engaging activities inside and outside of your classes where you can enjoy yourself and feel a part of a community! -Caroline K.

As Caroline said, the SGA would like to be more involved with activities and opportunities for students to be a part of. Considering everything being online and virtual, we want to make activities that are fun and engaging for every student, and [ensure that they are] easy to access. -Jaymar E.

3. Is SGA planning on doing anything to optimize the virtual learning experience for students?

Yes, as I mentioned in the last question we are focused on the activities you have access to. So we plan on working with your JAG teacher to make your JAG period more immersive and student-run. Also, we will create other fun activities outside of school like game and movie nights that help keep students happy and feeling engaged. -Caroline K.

As Caroline said, we are planning to do different activities for students to participate in and grow together as a community. Also, we plan on creating student-run JAGs or make JAGs more discussion-based instead of the teacher teaching and talking. Activities outside of school, we are planning on movie nights and game nights, where students can participate in. -Jaymar E.

4. What are SGA’s hopes for the school year?

We as an SGA hope to see positive changes throughout our school community like more mental health resources, more engaging opportunities, and most importantly a happier student body! -Caroline K.

We hope to make school a more accepting and positive place and we hope our changes can make a positive impact on the generations to come. As Caroline said, we want there to be more and better mental health resources, funnier, and more interesting activities for students to take part in. Also, I would personally like our Genders and Sexuality Association (GSA) to be more represented and more out there for our LGBTQ+ students in our community. Also, a more positive and accepting student body! -Jaymar E.

5. Is there anything else you would like to add?

I just want to say thank you to all who elected me, because I am so very excited about the work SGA will be doing. Also, I want students to know, the SGA works for you; we want you to be vocal. After all, this [is] our community and if you want to see something changed, bring it up to an SGA member and get involved--we are happy to work with you! -Caroline K.

I just want to thank everyone who voted for me--I wouldn't be able to get where I am today. [I] am happy to work with you, and I won't disappoint! -Jaymar E.

The SGA President and Vice-President sure have a lot of great plans for the school year, and I’m sure they’ll make the virtual learning environment better for every student! We are really excited to have a new president and vice president, and Caroline and Jaymar are great additions to our school leadership!

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