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The JWMS Color Run 2022 by Keira T.

Julius West hosted its very own color run! Whether you wanted color on you or not, it was an incredible experience for all the students and staff, and there was lots of preparation that went into it. The JW clubs, Our Minds Matter, and No Place for Hate worked together to plan this amazing event. The Color Run was also for raising awareness about mental health issues for teens in a safe and accepting environment.

Orange, purple, green, pink! The more you run, the more color you get! Students could purchase a t-shirt and color packs to throw on their friends. With a DJ, a course around the school, and this being the first Color Run since the pandemic started, it was super fun. JW had spirit days leading up to the run, like Wacky Wednesday and Tie-Dye Thursday.

One of the best parts was getting to have a fun time with friends. Rafaella C. and Josie W. both agree that “it was nice to be able to hang out with [their] friends” and they both loved the “excitement of the running and the color stations.”

All in all, the Color Run was a great way to bring the school together. In 2020, we ended the school year virtually. In 2021, it was all hybrid, so some people didn’t want to go to school in person yet. Now, in 2022, we got to all come together as a whole and have a great experience.

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