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Top 5 Throwback Movies You Should Watch With Your Family And Friends by Ani B.

Quarantine allowed us to spend so much free time in our homes getting cozy and watching TV. The entertainment industry has changed so much throughout the years. Now there is more advanced technology that makes filmmaking look better and more realistic, such as animated action movies. Even though there are new movies coming out, classic movies still have so much to offer. So check out this list, grab a friend or family member, relax, watch a throwback movie, and enjoy!

Space Jam (1996)

Do you love basketball? Are you a Michael Jordan fan? Do you love watching cartoons? Then this movie is for you. This is the perfect sports and comedy movie. Space Jam features the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan. In this movie, Michael Jordan just retires from his basketball career and starts his new career in baseball. Meanwhile, space cartoon characters have an unsuccessful amusement park called Morons Mountain. They need more entertainment or popular cartoon characters to run Morons Mountain and become more successful. So they go to Looney Tunes Land where they plan to capture all the cartoon characters to work for their amusement park. In order to make this happen, the space characters challenge Looney Tunes to a basketball game. They ask for Michael Jordan's help. Who will win, Looney Tunes or Moron Mountain?

Ms. Doubtfire (1993)

Are you looking for something comical that can make you laugh for hours? Then this movie is for you. Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams) is a hysterical dad who loves to be around his kids. After getting divorced, he and his ex-wife, Miranda Hill (Sally Field), go to court. Since Daniel doesn't have a job, the court tells him he can only see his kids on the weekends. Daniel is devastated. Miranda is looking for a full-time nanny who will take care of her kids since she works long hours. Daniel wants to be with his kids so much that he changes his voice and appearance just to be their nanny. But he has to disguise himself as a woman. Will his deception lead to consequences he can’t face?

The Parent Trap (1998)

This 1998 remake of the classic 1960 The Parent Trap stars Lindsey Lohan playing the roles of two identical twins Annie and Hallie. Annie is from England and lives with her successful wedding dress designer mom, Elizabeth (Natasha Richardson). Hallie is from California and lives with her dad, Nick (Dennis Quaid). Annie and Hallie are reunited at a summer camp. Once they see each other, they find out that they are related. Hallie wants to meet her real mom and Annie wants to meet her dad, so they decide to switch lives. Will this swap reunite the whole family or separate them forever?

What About Bob? (1991)

The legendary 1991 classic comedy features Bob Wiley (Bill Murray) who struggles with phobias. He gets nervous around large groups of people, and he would rather walk ten floors instead of using an elevator. He wants to conquer his fears, so he goes to a therapist, Mr. Leo Marvin (Richard Dreyfuss), to help him. After the therapy session, Mr. Leo decides to go on a vacation with his family for a month. As a result, he can't be Bob's therapist for a month. Devastated, Bob decides to go all the way to Mr. Leo's family country house because he needs Mr. Leo's advice or else he will go crazy. Will things get so crazy that Mr. Leo will kick Bob out? Find out what happens in What About Bob?

Back To The Future (1985 - 1990)

Are you looking for something fun, epic, adventurous, and science fiction-related? Then this movie is for you! A high school student, Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox), is good friends with a scientist, Dr. Emmet Brown (Christophor Loyd), who is always trying out experiments. But one day Doc (Emmet Brown) makes a time machine that allows travel back and forth to the future or the past. Marty tries using the time machine, but as he goes, he travels to the future and the past. Will his time travel lead to big changes to his life? This epic saga has three fantastic movies that will take you on a journey throughout time.

Throwback movies are fun and entertaining to watch. The latest movies are often inspired by older ones, and classics can show us a perspective on life in the past. You can also see how much films have changed over time. Although throwback movies might not have amazing special effects, they remind us of simpler times and never fail to make us laugh and cry!

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Jun 03, 2021

Mrs. Doubtfire is a family classic. Love it!

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