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Book Review: Benchwarmers by Megan T.

Benchwarmers by John Feinstein is a terrific book about how two soccer teammates build a strong relationship, trying to get themselves off the sidelines. This story starts off with just two ordinary teenagers, Jeff Michaels and Andrea Carillo. With the help of Jeff’s dad, a news reporter, Andrea’s story about being benched spreads throughout the town. Finally, after immense hard work and grit, Andrea and Jeff finally get to play. Fearless, Andrea plays superbly and makes some amazing plays.

Overall, this journey is so touching and encouraging. I love the friendship Andrea and Jeff share throughout this story. Their friendship is intense and yet so delightful. Although there is lots of commotion in the plot, it makes for a more realistic story. Also, the description and imagery are so vivid, I could imagine every scene in my head, and it was like I was watching a movie! Whether or not you are an athlete, this is such a powerful story about the importance of friendship and diligence. Additionally, as shown on the cover, the book portrays a powerful message: “The path to victory starts on the sidelines.” Being on the sidelines (bench) is very tough, but the book teaches us that success takes time and you have to work for it.

Benchwarmers is one of the best books I have ever read! I love that it was a relatable story centered around the game of soccer. I must say that this book was very amusing, and I finished it within a few hours on a plane ride. I strongly recommend this book, as it is heartwarming, engaging, and inspirational.

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