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Should There Be Snow Days During Virtual Learning? by Petra P.

Students used to love snow days! It was a day off from all the work at school, and students were able to enjoy some time in the snow with their friends and family, or stay warm near the fireplace with a good book. Amidst the pandemic, many things have changed, but should snow days change too?

We interviewed a few JW students to gain their perspectives, and here’s what they think:

“We don’t need snow days. We already have a lot of spare time because we’re at home.”
“We should have snow days so we can rest more.”
“Um, should depend on how much snow though because sometimes the snow makes the connection bad and Zoom glitches.”

What do others outside of the JW community think? Should there be snow days during virtual learning?

MoCoSnow, a Twitter account with a large number of followers, is run by a MCPS teacher, who also runs TheMoCoShow account. When asked this very question, 328 Twitter followers replied, "Yes," 340 said "No," and 94 were unsure. It seems that although the numbers are close, according to this poll more people would rather not have snow days during virtual learning.

What do you think? Should there be snow days during virtual learning? We’re always open to hearing your thoughts and ideas! Let us know in the comments.

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