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Thoughts on Life after Quarantine by Srijani C.

Currently, you are reading an article from Julius West’s school newspaper, The Roaring Gazette. Many people I know have begun to read a lot more now that quarantine has started. Perhaps that is the case for you. I am remarkably glad that I have writing as an outlet to keep me productive. Many people are developing new hobbies, some that will last for a lifetime. We are cooped up in our homes, practicing social distancing, quite the opposite of the constant hugs that we gave our friends and family each time that we saw them. Things have changed drastically. But how will our life look after this pandemic?

I believe that the paranoia that has been widespread won’t leave quite as easily as it has snuck up. Going to the grocery store, malls, and restaurants will be met with hesitation. Most people wear face masks and gloves while they go out. Maybe that will become the newest fashion, the headlines reading, “Stores such as Forever 21 and LuluLemon are now selling glam masks and gloves for an unbeatable price!”

The stigma of some occupations, whether it be grocery store workers or janitors, should be reduced because it is evident that they are essential to keeping our world working. We shouldn’t judge a person by their job. I’m hoping that everyone will be treated with more respect after quarantine.

I feel like people after quarantine might fall into one of two categories: ones that will live their lives to the absolute fullest--devouring absolutely everything in sight, traveling everywhere--and those that will always stay cautious because they don’t know what could happen. This pandemic will have a tremendous impact on our ways of thinking.

We know that life won’t ever be the same, and we have to admit that. Cities whose attractions prospered with the hustle and bustle of tourists might just fall apart in that respect. Honestly, we don't know what could happen. Another wave of this virus could hit, and we might be back to our quarantine lives, or maybe we get oh so lucky again, and another marvelous disease attacks. Regardless of the uncertainty, we can know for sure that our connections will be more robust, and we will come out stronger, ready to overcome the odds.

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