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Washington Commanders - A New Team by Keira T.

The Name

For an incredibly long time, Washington D.C.’s NFL team kept their former name, then lasted two seasons as the Washington Football Team. They determined their new name and logo as the Washington Commanders. Team President Jason Wright explained how the name was chosen to be appreciated by the majority of people, and it could match the original colors of burgundy and gold.

Uniforms and Logo

Three new uniforms were released, brandishing the colors burgundy, white, gold, and black. The home uniform will likely be a burgundy uniform accompanied by gold for the numbers, lettering, and sleeves. A white uniform will most likely be used during away games, and an all-black look will be the team’s alternate uniform. Additionally, they have two new helmets, the main one being a simple burgundy with a gold “W”. The second one is black with a smaller “W” on the front and the player’s number on the side of the helmet.

To go with the uniforms, Washington has three new logos. They have a gold “W” that is seen on their helmets, a Commanders logo to celebrate their history, and a Washington Commanders banner logo that is featured on their burgundy jersey.

Likes or Dislikes

Not everyone is supporting this new team name, logos, or uniforms that Washington has created for themselves. Let’s check out the perspectives of some of our Julius West students and staff to find out what is great and what is not so great about the new Washington team.

Josie W., a seventh-grader, thinks that Washington’s new name, logos, and uniforms have improved. A Julius West teacher believes that it is good that they looked back and realized that they had to change their name because it was offensive to certain people.

Overall, the Washington Commanders have changed and adapted to their “new team,” but there have been tons of mixed feelings from fans. What do you think? How do you feel about the “new” Washington Commanders?

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